Today , all the Film and advertisement media is depends only on Concept, if the concept is good , nobody can stop the success of these Movies & Advertisements.

We have a lots of new and innovative concepts for the TV advertisement and very new and unique stories for Hindi Movies to grab the attention of maximum number of consumers. If you are looking for innovative, commercial and yet unique film concepts for your  forthcoming projects? Relis Concept can be a answer to your question.We have huge database of scripts from talented writers around the Cities .

we consider the following factors to arrive at your concept :

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Are you a good thinker and also a good writer? Do you think you have an idea that can be converted into full-length feature film? Can you take the film industry by storm with your innovative and creative ideas? We are looking for exceptional individuals who have the vision and creativity to take over Bollywood.



A concept is the creation of a message that communicates to the target audience ,If we marry the concept , we get the perfect  story of  advertisement and movies ,not good , not bad , but a perfect advertising / Movie .Once we arrive at an idea or storyline that you would like to pursue, We make certain that the final concept accurately defines, demonstrates and illustrates your expectations.